ProStaff, in collaboration with the largest educational organizations in Greece and abroad, staffs its workforce with certified graduates, while at the same time continuously providing seminars related to its fields of activity and giving employees the opportunity to be trained on any subject they are interested in, so that they are ready to enter the labor market.

Panhellenic Organization Of Educational Programs

The Panhellenic Organization of Educational Programs is a pioneer in the field of massage and alternative therapies. The organization also provides training programs in specialties outside of massage, such as nutrition, physical therapy, first aid, and more.

Fitness Academy

Fitness Academy is a new page in the field of physical education and introduces new innovative and original specialties to the market, which every gym needs.
Those interested can choose the seminar of their choice or attend a comprehensive training cycle, leading to a specialty certification.

World Massage Federation

The World Massage Federation was founded to expand massage worldwide by organizing educational meetings, educational seminars, international camps and events.

WMF is an officially accredited organization internationally.

Progressive Studies University

Progressive Studies University provides an enriched and varied program of education preparing students for a promising and rewarding career.

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